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filmzzs sent: Were did u get the glasses from the post talk nerdy to me

I got them: Here  :)

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Shhh, Sweet little angels are sleeping.

Shhh, Sweet little angels are sleeping.

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Talk nerdy to me.

Talk nerdy to me.

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My cat Maisy is my very own real life Jiji!! (^._.^)ノ

My cat Maisy is my very own real life Jiji!! (^._.^)ノ

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So I’ve decided I’m going to tweak and upload some of my old sims for you guys to do whatever you like with.

First on the list is Emmi, she’s one of the sims I made pretty early on when I first started my simblr. Some may remember her from this post: here

Skin | Hair | Eyebrows | Eyelashes | Contacts | Eye bags | Blush | Lipstick

I’ve listed the cc I have used in this picture above ^ Just for anyone that may have wanted it.

Sorry shes not fantastic, there will be more Sims to come though! 


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Anonymous sent: hi not sure if you've answered this before or not but what hq mod do you use and what are you setting in the game for things like texture detail, etc.

I have indeed : here  


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lalaloopsims sent: Stefi! I love everything here! Eye candies *hugs hugs*

  Eeee!! Thank you!! 

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hazelsim-sblr reblogged your photoset and added:

Does Anyone know where i can get that cc?!

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letssimsistuff sent: Can i know where is this hair from? Tyvm :D /post/89508588553/hubble-bubble-toil-and-trouble-hat-dress

I actually have no idea where I got this hair from, maybe someone else will know?



Here you go: 

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Dolly bow and Sally rose as ballerina bunnies.

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aquaplumbob sent: I love your sims pics soo much. What HQ mod do you use, if you don't miind? :) <3 <3

Thank you ♥ 

I’m currently using this one: here

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Cute as a button.

Cardigan ♥  Dress ♥  Tights ♥  Boots